Gladis and René met in 2005, the summer before their freshman year at UC Davis, during STEP. At first they just talked to each other in passing whenever they would bump into each other on campus. Later on in the quarter Gladis started using René’s dorm room as a locker room because she still had not found an apartment and needed somewhere to store her books. René of course agreed to this since he would be able to see her more often. One day, Gladis jokingly asked René when he was going to check out her new apartment and he said he would go the next day. As René was visiting Gladis he then took the chance to ask her out on a date to the movies and the rest is history.



Gladis and René decided to take anniversary pictures in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco to celebrate 10 years of being together. Gladis had no idea but René was planning to propose during the photo session. As they were walking to meet up with the photographer René suddenly stopped in front of the fountain and got down on one knee and asked Gladis to marry him. Of course she said yes!